Less Cost AND More Payout


Many advisors come to us from an insurance or mutual firm. These advisors may realize an immediate boost to their payout of at least 50% more when joining SterlingBridge Partners. In addition, we give our representatives credit for ALL sales towards the grid – we don’t pick and choose which product sales qualify. Therefore our advisors have the ability to fairly increase their payout as they sell more.

We want our advisors to be paid for their hard work and find quick and consistent success so ultimately they are happy and will remain at SterlingBridge Partners for the long term (many of our advisors have been with us for 20 years or more).

We do not have a representative desk fee or other hidden administrative costs. Our structure allows for a higher payout due to our low overhead, smart operations, and a commitment to our advisors’ success first. This puts our advisors in an advantageous situation for payout.

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