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Commanding the Stage: A Guide to Optimal Performance in Each Stage of an Advisor’s Career

Learn how to master each stage of your career in Commanding the Stage: A Guide to Optimal Performance in Each Stage of an Advisor’s Career, the latest how-to guide created by The Oechsli Institute and our broker-dealer’s parent company, Cetera Financial Group.


Marketing Tactics of Elite Advisors

With the aftershocks of the financial crisis continuing to resound through the industry, and in light of the corresponding impact they’ve had on the working relationship between financial advisors and their wealthy clients, this white paper will focus on how today’s financial advisors are performing in a vastly changed financial world. We primarily sought to ascertain what efforts successful advisors are currently undertaking to attract, retain and expand their high-net-worth client relationships. Then, from a marketing standpoint, we endeavored to pinpoint those specific tactics that are being employed successfully to acquire new $1 million-plus clients.


Understanding and Working With Today’s Affluent Investor

Whoever said “it’s not personal, it’s business” is dead wrong. The No. 1 method today’s investors used to find their current advisor was a personal introduction*. And the client-advisor relationship shouldn’t just stop there—today’s advisors need to be personally engaged with their affluent clients.


Strategies For Succession Planning

Financial advisors build their careers helping their clients think through their financial goals to deliver a plan that helps them achieve their dreams. Although advisors are perpetually focused on achieving the best possible financial outcome for their clients, the level of detail spent on protecting the equity built in their own advisory practice is alarmingly low. Many advisors have not taken the opportunity to think through their succession plan.


Explaining your Move

Explaining a move to your clients can seem daunting. But managing the conversation well can reignite your connections with your best clients and even increase referrals. In fact, many advisors have found that making a move to a new firm gave them the opportunity to examine their client list with a more critical, strategic eye.

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